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  • Sarah Beth Dippel



It had been eight weeks—the most extended break from Mass in my entire life.

White banners and flowers adorned the altar, marking the Liturgical season of Easter. I noted that the last time we'd been in Mass, the decor was purple, the sanctuary was bare, it had still been Lent. I found the pew with two dots. As Cris and I knelt, the first sobs erupted out of me. I couldn't stop them, as much as I tried.

Before the pandemic and the cancellation of Masses, my prayer life was suffering. I felt uneasy when attending Mass. My co-workers and I had been through difficult times with our Pastor, and I had allowed it to affect my relationship with the Lord. When I began my Lenten journey of writing "why I love being Catholic," it wasn't initially focused on sharing my faith with others, it was the Lord reminding me every morning that HE was still beside me.

Kneeling before the Lord, those tears were like a baptism, a renewal of my promises to be His. The Lord makes all things new. I was so anxious to receive the Eucharist, yet; I wanted every moment of the Mass to linger, desiring to remain on the mountain top with Him. I thought, Lord, please let me pitch a tent and stay here with you.

Back in my pew, following Communion, I prayed prayers of thanksgiving for being one of seven people allotted a seat at that Mass. In case you are wondering, I obediently and gratefully, received the Body of Christ in the hand as instructed; something I haven't done in over a decade.

At the end of Mass, our Pastor, announced his new assignment at St. James Parish in Douglas, Wyoming effective later this summer. New beginnings for him and for our Parish as we will welcome a new shepherd for our flock. The Lord makes all things new.

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