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The living word of God speaks to all of us differently. If you read today's Gospel, a particular word or verse will draw your attention; this is God speaking to you.

After reading today's Gospel, for me, this is the verse God asks me to talk to Him about right now,

"What concern is it of yours? You follow me?" John 21:22


There it is, my brothers and sisters, my stumbling block. You know the one, we all have them. It is the sin we come back to; it is the sin that holds us back from loving others to the full and, in turn, prevents us from fulling devoting ourselves to the Lord.

I feel a little better knowing that Jesus says these words to Peter as well as to me, I've got good company, I suppose. Here's what moves in my heart when I offer those words to our Lord in prayer:

Why are you concerned about their actions? Why are you concerned about what I ask of them? Why are you worried about how they view what I've asked of you, Sarah Beth? YOU FOLLOW ME. You follow ME. Stop watching them. Watch me.

Do you know what else I hear? While you need not concern yourself with them, I told you to love them.

Ask the Lord what He is saying to you in these words and then listen. Permit the silence. Allow Him to whisper lovingly into the deepest parts of your heart. He is not a harsh God. He is a loving God. He gently corrects, allowing us to see our faults, helping us to grow in faith, and by His grace, we become more like Him each day.

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