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Go. Baptize. Teach.

The Gospel for the Ascension of the Lord is from the Book of Matthew. Jesus takes the disciples up the mountain where they will witness His Ascension into Heaven. Before He leaves them, He commands three things of them. Go. Baptize. Teach.


The message is simple for us today; we must go out. Physically, and spiritually go out into the world with Christ's message. That might mean: writing a blog, serving a food bank, saying grace before meals in a restaurant, telling someone you are praying for them. Do something.


We must baptize others. I don't mean that we should go around physically pouring water on the unbaptized. But we should immerse them in our faith. How do we do that? By living a life for Christ, you will radiate His love to others, and they will be drawn to the source of that life, which is Christ. Pour out Christ's love to all you meet.


Just like Priscilla and Aquila, when we find those whose hearts are open and wish to learn more about the Lord, our calling is to share our belief with them.

Go. Baptize. Teach.

Share your experiences of faith with others, live a life of faith that says with your very being that you trust in the Lord and His promises. Do not be afraid to speak boldly about your faith. Christ promises us,

I am with you always, until the end of the age. Matthew 28:20

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