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I am unimaginably blessed. This is the thought that has been swirling around my head this morning to share with you. After spending some time with the daily readings, on the elliptical, because exercise and prayer are how I start the day, I thought I get it, Saul. I hear Jesus say, the way to eternal life with Him is by eating His flesh and drinking his blood. If someone has never read these words, they must be disconcerting. If no one has ever explained to me the Bread of Life discourse, these words seem like the words of a mad man. As Catholics, we already know that Jesus is referring to His real presence in the Eucharist. And we believe the Eucharist is the body, blood, soul, and divinity of our Lord. By receiving Him in the Eucharist, we receive Him in the most intimate way possible. This morning, I took a step back, and I imagined reading those words for the first time and not understanding our Lord's message, not knowing the Lord and His gift for me. Saul was "breathing murderous threats" against the disciples because he doesn't have eyes to see Jesus in faith. So what does God do? He knocks Saul to the ground, and when he gets up, he can no longer see. Three long days later, Jesus working through Ananias, removes the scales on Saul's eyes and baptizes him. Saul rises to a new life and begins to preach the Gospel. I never had to find my faith. I never had to be Saul or read those words of Jesus alone. For that, I am so unimaginably blessed. I was handed the faith through my family and friends. I had guides and examples; I had people who loved me, loved Jesus, and taught me how to love Jesus. That is a BLESSING. So I ask you again, what are you doing with your blessing? How will you allow your faith to transform you today? #blessing #Jesus #Eucharist #Catholic #catholiclife #bestlife #notalone #faith

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