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  • Sarah Beth Dippel



The Good Shepherd has laid down His life for us. A good friend could do the same, you say? Lay down their life for another. Yes. I agree. What is so extraordinary about what Christ does? He lays down His life only to take it up again. The Good Shepherd has risen from the dead, having conquered sin and death. For us. Sheep wander and get lost, just as we tend to lose focus on our Lord wandering off in search of worldly things. His voice calls us and draws us back to Him. Sheep sometimes feed on things that are bad for them. Just as we feed ourselves with the food of this world, but the Good Shepherd offers us Himself, the bread of life, true food. The wolf prowls around, looking to scatter the sheep, finding one alone and defenseless. The devil tries to lead us astray from God. But our Lord never leaves His sheep alone, not even the one. He is willing to sacrifice His own life for us. The Good Shepherd guides and guards His flock, keeping the sheep together, grazing in His pasture, protected from predators. Gathered together. One Flock, One Shepherd.

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