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Four years ago, while I was waiting for my GTown youth group to arrive, I hatched a plan for my Lenten journey. Every day, I would post a reason I loved my Catholic faith. When reflecting on what to do this Lent, I came back to this over and over. At first, I dismissed it thinking; I have to come up with 40 MORE reasons I love my faith?! Some days, I thought, okay, I'll do again, and then my busy life would make me believe I'd never have the time to do this a second time. But here's the thing God reminded me of during Ash Wednesday Mass, the Holy Spirit is bigger than me and my doubts.

Four years ago, I was a very different person. I was single, working in Baton Rouge with lots of free time, surrounded by so many brothers and sisters in Christ. Since then, I've moved to Wyoming (certainly not teeming with Catholics ready to discuss deep theological ideas), married my best friend (and moved in with him and his son), and switched to part-time work at a pregnancy resource center. I'd dare to think that I see the world and my faith differently than I did back then.

So here we go ...

(I will try not to repeat any of my previous "reasons," but I'm not making any promises.)

Day 1: (why I love being Catholic)

Ashes (my #ashtag)

Once a year, Ash Wednesday comes around, and we begin our Lent. "Remember that you are dust, and to dust, you shall return." The ashes are the visual reminder to refocus our lives, to turn from sin, to return to the Lord. And so we begin, hope you will journey with me. #livinglent2

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