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  • Sarah Beth Dippel


Today we wait. We are still in darkness; I dare to say the greatest darkness of the Lent and Triduum seasons. As if we haven't already been longing for Christ and His Church during this barren Lent, now, we silently wait for His resurrection. Even now, in the stillness of our hearts, the Lord is working. It may feel that this Saturday, this waiting, will continue for some indefinite period. Not for us, not for Christians who believe in His resurrection promise.

While the Easter Vigil will be much different as we watch from our home in our favorite chair. It is no less real. On this holy night, our Church will celebrate the most beautiful liturgy of the year. When the priest lights the Paschal Candle, it will shine the light of Christ on all of us. The readings from the Old and New Testament will proclaim the history of salvation to us, and we will raise our voices to sing Alleluia! While we may be separated from the physical church, our Easter is here! Let us rejoice!

O truly blessed night, in which we leave behind the penance of Lent, the darkness and silence of the Triduum. Let us welcome Christ into our hearts and minds. The Lord has risen! Alleluia! #livinglent2

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