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Today's Gospel introduces a joyful note into Matthew's tenth chapter, which is otherwise dominated by a theme of unbelief. And yet, as the Lord reminds me to have a childlike trust in Him, I still feel my unbelief sneaking in.

Because Jesus is the Son of the Father, he has perfect knowledge of all the mysteries and can reveal them to whomever He wishes. The childlike accept the Father's revelation because they are open to receiving the Word of Christ. The wise and learned (the scribes and Pharisees) because of their arrogance and pride are unable to accept Jesus and His teaching. Receiving Christ with childlike trust doesn't mean that we don't fall occasionally; it means that we ask the Lord for help to get back up.

Summer always makes me think of childhood. Maybe it is because I want to remember the lazy summer days of kool-aid and lounging around reading books. Yes, that is what I remember of childhood summers. That and road trips with mom and dad. We'd load into the blue Blazer and head out west, Bob Seger playing all the way. The food bin packed with snacks that we only saw on a road trip: deviled ham, cinnamon disks, orange slices (not the fruit, the candy), and Ritz crackers. To this day, when a Bob Seger song plays, I feel home.

The simplicity of childhood, I could ride in the back seat of that blue Blazer and feel safe and secure, knowing that my dad was in the driver's seat. Cares and concerns about car troubles, the next gas station, the price of the hotel room, or where we were going to eat lunch never entered my mind. Dad and mom had the trip maps and the plan; they knew the route. Filled with wonder and delight, I was free to watch out the window at all of God's creation.

Being childlike is not an easy thing. These days, I worry about everything. My childlike trust tested to the limit by COVID. My sense of wonder stunted by practicality. Yet, in my heart, I know that my Father is still in the driver's seat. I know that He has the map and the plan. I only need to sit in the backseat, gazing out the window, snacking on orange slices, and belting out "Roll Me Away."

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