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Whew. Today is that Gospel. You know the one, remove the wooden beam in your eye first. Why do we judge others by such a different standard than we judge our selves? Well, I can tell you why. We don't know their story.

I know, it's revolutionary to think about, but it is true. We know what lies in the depths of our hearts. We do not know what lies in the heart of another. We might think we know; we might decide that we know. We might base our opinions and our judgment on a particular action or mistake the other makes, but we do not know their heart. We don't know what the Lord is asking of them.

There's a great Christian song that says, "only God knows." Yes! Preach! Only God knows what we are going through. Now, we can use that to justify any type of action, good or bad. How we chose to respond to the joys and sorrows of life is what defines us. Remember, the Lord knows what is in our hearts.

When we speak of Mary's Immaculate Heart, we say that she pondered all these things in her heart. She held in her heart all her joys and sorrows. But Mary's Immaculate Heart is so filled with love for the Lord that there is no room for the stain of sin.

I think of my own heart and what I allow to fill it. Fr. Josh talks about his journey to become a priest and how he didn't want the Lord to look into the room of his heart, where he kept sin and shame. Then one day, the Lord told Fr. Josh, that was precisely the room where He wanted to go. The Lord doesn't want us to ponder sin and shame in our hearts. He wants our heart to be filled to the brim with His love and mercy.

Before we can help others find Christ, we have to remove the things that hold us back, the troubles in our hearts that don't belong there. We have to allow the Lord to help us see others in that same light. We are all on this journey together. We all need God's mercy and love to heal our hearts and fill them with His grace so that we may be perfect like our heavenly Father is perfect.

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