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  • Sarah Beth Dippel



The Lord always provides.

In today's first reading, Elijah goes to Zarephath because God has instructed him to do so. If you are like me, you wish life were so simple as the Lord telling us where to go next.

So Elijah goes to Zarephath and finds the widow the Lord has designated to help him. Nearly out of flour and oil, she is going home to prepare the last meal for herself and her son when Elijah beckons her for a small cake and some water. Elijah reassures her that there will be enough flour and oil. The flour jar and oil jug do not run dry, and they are all able to eat for a year.

This scripture passage isn't remarkable because God provides for the widow, her son, and Elijah. It is notable because we never hear the woman question that God will provide. Elijah tells her that God will not let the food run out, and nowhere in this reading will she ask Elijah, "how shall I know this?" (Luke 1:18, where Zachariah doubts the angel and is silenced because he does not believe.)

Throughout scripture, we learn of a God who provides, yet we still question Him. We still wonder, will God let the flour run out? The same God who fed the widow provides His only Son who offers His life on the cross for our salvation—nourishing us with true food, His body, the Eucharist. How can we wonder if God will provide for us when He feeds us His flesh? We need not doubt when the flour jar is running low. God will provide.

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