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  • Sarah Beth Dippel


Holy Week in the past has brought a few challenges. There was the Holy Week that I totaled my car. The Holy Week, I had to have emergency gallbladder surgery. Some Holy Weeks are quieter, with only a small challenge like a flat tire. This Holy Week was, I thought, already with its own woes of dealing with a pandemic. That was until this morning when Cris decided to hose off the driveway and, in turn, flooded our basement.

I am not suggesting that God reins down bad things upon my loved ones and me during Holy Week. But like with the coinciding quarantines, something greater is at work. Archbishop Aymond, who is recovering from the coronavirus, encouraged the faithful to become part of the story of Christ's passion this week. He encouraged Catholics to unite "our sufferings, our questions, our loneliness, our uncertainty about the future" to Christ's sufferings this Holy Week. Each Holy Week, when a new challenge occurs, I find myself at the cross, united with Him in my suffering. #livinglent2

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