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  • Sarah Beth Dippel


Hint: It's still a solemnity! Don't fast, its a feast!

Today's Gospel is again a favorite scripture passage of mine. It is so full of meaning. John Ch. 21 starts by saying that Jesus is revealing Himself again to the disciples, and then it says something significant, "He revealed Himself in this way." What does John mean? When I show up to breakfast, no one says, I revealed myself in some way. They might say, I was there, or I showed up. John is showing us something.

He tells us how the disciples have been out all night and have caught nothing. Then Jesus shows up and says, give it another try. Really Lord, we've been at this all night probably would have been my reply, but they are better disciples than I am, so they do as Jesus says; sometimes He has to tell me a few times. As they are hauling in their huge catch, because they listened, Jesus asked them to bring some over. Once they have the catch ashore, He says, "Come, have breakfast." Holy moly, Jesus is on the shore, making them breakfast! Too bad we didn't get the invite. Or did we?

Now, let's go back to that original question. What did John mean when he says that Jesus is revealing Himself again? This is no ordinary breakfast. Jesus takes the bread and gives it to them and then fish in the same way. He is giving them the Eucharist for breakfast. Now, that beats eating your Wheaties.

On a non-pandemic day, we are invited to breakfast with the Lord. We are invited to gather at His table to celebrate the Mass and receive the meal He has given to us. Oh, Lord, how I long to receive the bread you have prepared for me.

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