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  • Sarah Beth Dippel


When I was a little girl, I used to pray the rosary curled up with my Great-aunt Lida until I fell asleep. I can still see her hands clasping her green-beaded rosary. Every time someone needed prayers, my great-aunt would pull out those beads and begin again. She knew the power of the rosary, of sending her petitions to our greatest intercessor, Mother Mary.

On Thursday, the Feast of St. Joseph, Pope Francis called all the faithful to pray a Rosary together. I tried to stream it at work, but when 25K+ viewers try to watch a live stream, it gets pretty choppy. Why did so many people want to pray the rosary with Pope Francis? Because the rosary is powerful.

Why is the rosary powerful?

There are a lot of great saints that I could quote on the power of the rosary, but I'm going to keep to a simple approach today. If you have never prayed a rosary or you find it boring, this might give a little meaning to the turning of our mysterious beads.

How much do you love your mother? Most of us are blessed to say we love our mamas, a lot. We respect her. We would drop anything to see about her. If mama has an opinion on something, we listen.

Now how do you think Jesus feels about His mama? We only need to reflect on the Annunciation of Mary coming up this week. Mary said yes, without really knowing what it might mean for her well being. Jesus came to you and me through Mary. And when Jesus was dying on the cross, He gifted us with His mother to watch over us. Mary loves to watch over Her children and to listen to our prayers. And Jesus loves to hear us praying through her. Mama Mary has an extraordinary power to intercede for all of Her children.

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us. #livinglent2

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