• Sarah Beth Dippel


This Lent is the real deal, friends. The Lord is calling us to trust Him completely.

None of us have any control over this unsettling situation.

The loss of life in Italy is astounding and heartbreaking. The predictions from the medical field in the US are a tad terrifying.

Sometimes I struggle.

For people like me, who like things orderly and tidy, the challenge to calm my heart and believe that whatever happens is God's will, that is a constant battle for me. Some days it is easier. Some days, the whole thing is daunting, and I have to stop and ask the Lord for calm and peace in my heart.

But I think that is the journey. Realizing I do not have it all together and letting the Lord take over when it gets to be too big of a burden. Those moments lead me to realize in a more significant way; I cannot do anything in this life without Him. He is my strength. Some days challenge us more than others, and those are the days I feel most acutely, Christ's hands holding me up.

This prayer spoke that calming presence to me. I hope that you can find peace in its words as well. Stay safe. God Bless. #livinglent2

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