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  • Sarah Beth Dippel

DAY 12: SUNDAY (and why I won't be doing Penance today)

For Catholics, every Sunday, even those in the middle of Lent, is a mini-Easter! Today is a day to Rejoice! Today is the celebration of our Savior's victory over sin and death.

When I was younger, giving up or fasting from something during Lent seemed like a test of my will, my obedience. Could I make it 40 days without chocolate? Now I see fasting during Lent as something far different. While there is nothing wrong with obedience, I now see fasting as my gift, my prayer set before the feet of our Lord.

Since fasting during Lent isn't just a test of my endurance and since today is Sunday, a day for rejoicing. I won't fast today, or on any Solemnity. That doesn't mean I will forget we are in the midst of Lent, and that we are focused on the Passion and death of our Lord, but I will also be celebrating today; the Lord has Risen! #livinglent2

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