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  • Sarah Beth Dippel



Yesterday, we looked at Jesus's message: Belief. If we believe in Him, how does that transform our lives? How does that life-altering belief shape everything I do today? When I write these posts every morning, that is my thought for myself and for you. How does my belief, my faith, transform the actions I take today? "Believe" is a simple message, but it is a call to so much more. It is an invitation to give ourselves to God without holding anything back. That might mean changing your life, changing your friends, changing your job. The Lord might be calling you to serve Him in a way that is radically different than the comfortable life you are accustomed to living. Our faith should move us. Frederick Buechner said, "Your vocation in life is where your greatest joy meets the world's greatest need." The Lord has called each of us to a particular mission in this life. I can think of people in my life that I have seen transformed by belief to follow the Lord in a radical way. Do you know what I see in those people? JOY. They followed the path God desired for them, and it brought them more joy than they could have imagined. Belief is not easy; it is not comfortable; it is radical. Belief transforms our lives.

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