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  • Sarah Beth Dippel


What is Divine Providence? Well, it goes like this, God is guiding history, although many are blind to it and often in doubt of it.

When I first came to understand divine providence, I was in my early 30s. I remarked on every twist, turn, and hangnail, "DIVINE PROVIDENCE!!!" I think I was a bit annoying. But there was this deep security for me in believing that my Lord was in control, life is not a roll of the dice or a twist of fate.

Today, as we face this thing literally, in the air we breathe, it is common to ask, where is God? It takes deep and unwavering faith to look at the days, weeks, and months ahead with joy and hope amid the difficulties that may lie ahead. As believers, we know that the Lord is in charge. He has not left us; He is always beside us in our suffering and our joy. Today, we can only pray for His mercies and the grace to believe that He is in command. May we have eyes to see the good even among the difficulty. #livinglent2

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